It was the 90s and Hip Hop was here to stay. Once a Fugee, then an actress, Lauryn Hill stepped into the spotlight, stole the stage then ran away with my heart. Her voice was soulful, strong, sweet and alluring. I was being held captive by her ingenious, powerful and poetic lyrics. Knowing nothing of the love or heartache she chanted, just a knowledge of joy, youth and choices on the horizon. Lauryn Hill was bewitching, magical and so divinely beautiful. She was a black woman, like, a real black woman! The depth and darkness of her complexion, her locks, her full lips and gorgeous smile was a version of beauty not yet seen on stage or fully embraced by popular culture. Her style was out there, fashion forward and overflowing with the influences of her surroundings yet a striking thread of individuality existed each time I lay my eyes on her. Lauryn Hill inspired a generation of young women to be better, smarter, think harder and to embrace their identity. Her music was poetry and had fallen in love!   

xo LN

Lauren NapierComment