I took French in high school. Could it be that I was somehow preparing for my future? Since then I’ve been to France 4 times. Each time my trips were more memorable than the next. The entire country is charming, romantic, metropolitan and chic. I have fallen in love with the country and I live for the opportunity to go back.

I visited the French Rivera, the beaches of Nice and Monaco in 2003, the memories are there but my photos are gone. This was pre-Facebook, pre MySpace and pre Google Maps. You went, you explored the world and you made memories. The photographic images that I do have are gone forever. My little MacBook crashed. All I have are my memories that would have been enough for a lifetime. I am so fortunate that I was able to return, I am so thankful for the fearless and adventurous fire that burns in my belly. It keeps me curious and has allowed me to explore the world. Paris, I will be back! xo LN

I landed once more in 2010, this time working as a makeup artist. I worked on a photoshoot and explored the town of Portier in formerly occupied France. I learned so much and made some “lovely” friends. I learned many things from a talented group of people and I experienced life for a week in the french countryside in a beautiful French chateau. I think I still had a Blackberry or maybe a first generation iPhone. I only have photos that have timestamps, they were taken with a camera but I remember every moment of the trip from the color of the sky to the smells in the hall. This was a gorgeous trip. Looking back I had a beautiful experience.

It would take me a few years to get back to France, this time, Paris 2013. I went with one of my dearest friends. We had apricot juice for breakfast, shopped, had beautiful lunches and decadent desserts. We walked and talked and enjoyed this magnificent city.

I took another trip to France, this time to Paris in 2015 after launching LAUREN NAPIER BEAUTY in the world renowned luxury retailer Colette. I went solo. When I say solo, I mean, I left my apartment , flew to Paris, checked into my hotel, walked the familiar city and the reverse all of the way back home.

I enjoyed the city, I enjoyed being one with my thoughts, I tried to avoid wifi … I enjoyed the quiet in the midst of the city. Much like New York you can be alone amongst millions but in Paris you are alone with architecture that is so glamorous that it’s breathtaking.

I’ve decided that this city, Paris is me and if I were going to leave America I would leave for France. Like Josephine Baker, I would go and be the black “American Girl in Paris.”

C'est la vie -

xo Lauren