I was introduced to Pursoma Detox Beauty at Shen Beauty in Brooklyn. I was thrilled to try the Hot Tub Bath as I'd been suffering from a reoccurring cold during one hellish snowy winter. The Hot Tub Bath was soothing and before I knew it, I was cured. I thought, I have to meet the founder and get her story. Pursoma Detox Beauty is an incredible product, I love a soothing and natural healing product Shannon Vaughn is brilliant, here is her story. xo LN

1. Was there a defining moment that made you start your business?

It took me a long time to really find a business that was right in line with my lifestyle. I had a passion for the beauty business but it felt hallow and too superficial. When I had my own health journey recovering from a sickness, I realized that true beauty stems from pure health and leading a good lifestyle which is supported by healthy physical, emotional and spiritual choices. So Pursoma is an extension of all those things which is why we are beauty wellness brand, not simply beauty. 

2. How did you know you were onto something great? 

When people told me they "felt good” after taking one of Pursoma Detox Beauty treatment baths - not just looked good- but felt good. 

3. What was he first step you took to launch your brand?

I started testing a lotand developing recipes with raw ingredients. I then began researching the best sources for the purest, most potent ingredients.  We only use original founder formulated treatment regiments with only founder sourced ingredients which are always raw, whole, natural, organic, with fair trade practices. 

4. What is the greatest lesson learned in your first year in business?

To be patient 

5. What is your best piece of advice for your fellow Female Founder?

Surround yourself with people that know things that you don't, and listen and learn from them. Be curious. Ask lots and lots of questions.