#imwithher, totally and completely with Hillary Rodham Clinton! I was born in Las Vegas, raised in San Antonio, Texas under Governor Ann Richards, Mayor Henry Cisneros and my grandmother, City Council Woman, Maxine Stokes. I was raised in conservative Texas in the 90's but there was never a time when I felt there were limitations to my life.

I was there for Oprah on daytime TV,  saw Pretty Woman at the movies, I remember Madonna's Rock the Vote on MTV,  Whitney Houston at the Super Bowl, Murphy Brown, the "Dream Team" at the Olympics and Bill Clinton on Arsenio ( I am the lost demographic, the kids still old enough to remember life before the internet but still had access to a cell phone in my youth).

I grew up during the Clinton era, they were my first introduction to national politics and they were "kinda like us." Bill had soul, he was relatable but then there was Hillary ... To me she was a smart, outspoken lady who knew what she was talking about and knew EXACTLY what she wanted to accomplish. I remember the "cookies" controversy, I thought, "What's the the big deal? So she wanted to work." This was also my introduction to blatant and aggressive sexism. 

November 2015 I met Hillary Clinton. I was at NBC Studios and she'd just finished filming her interview on Rachel Maddow. This was not the first time I'd had had a brush with HRC. I met her in 2007 at a rally for union workers in Chicago on the hottest afternoon ever! I was still nervous, but why? I knew this day would come ... at least I'd hoped it would happen for at least 20 years. 

Albeit brief, Hillary was warm and funny. I was excited, I watched her the day before be questioned for 11 hours at a congressional hearing over her "damn emails." Hils was grace under the hottest fire and I was dazzled.

We came face to face, introduced by the one and only Huma Abedin ( yes, so much more to the story , right!). I was completely gobsmacked. I could not collect my thoughts, but she held my hands, smiled and listened. HRC has a tough exterior but she's friendly, her smile is cheerful and easy, her brilliance can't be captured in a soundbite (her thoughts are too detailed for that) or through a TV screen. That's just not who she is, but she is the real deal and you feel it. This said, I don't need to be best  friends with my president, I don't neeeed to get the warm, fuzzies, I need her to be smarter and wiser than I, so she can run the fucking world! 

So here it is, I am voting for HRC and here are 10 reasons (10, there are several more):

1. She is an overachiever, she's smart and she is ambitious (and women shouldn't be punished for being any of the above)

2. She still has friends from elementary school ( she has GIRL-friends, she's a girl's girl)

3. Her college graduation speech at Wellesley was controversial - she wasn't accepting any crap that day (or any day after)

4. One of her first jobs after graduation was helping kids from underprivileged, underserved communities get better education ( because why not spend your entire life trying to uplift others) 


5. She introduced herself to Bill, they lived together in the before they got married, and she didn't immediately take Bill's sir name (sassy and progressive)


6. She's done ALL of these things AND she's a good mom

7. She passed healthcare for children (and has a Grammy Award)

8. She said, "Women's rights are human rights" (and meant it!)


9. She was humiliated publicly (by publicly I mean in front of the entire world) and never, never NEVER FUCKING STOPPED! 

10. She is a First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, first female Democratic Party nominee, glass- ceiling-shattering-badass and most qualified, experienced, principled, person to ever run for office.