The average person blinks over 1000 times per hour, some blink a little more while flirting and some flirt a bit more when purposely showing off a pair of pretty eyes. Apply a full lash band or individual lashes to your lids to build fullness to your lash-line drawing focus to your eyes. “Here’s what” I love that a few lashes can take a natural eye to the next level!

Choose a pair of false lashes that will enhance your natural eye shape. All lashes are cut and layered differently and will create a different effect once applied. For example: the fuller the outer corners, the more flirty the lashes will appear on the eye.

How to apply false eyelashes? Remove lashes from the container. Apply a pearl-sized, droplet of glue to a flat surface. Dip the tweezer into the glue, apply or drag a thin line of adhesive onto the lash band. If you’ve selected individual lashes, dip the bud shaped lash end into the glue. Allow the glue to settle for 8-10 seconds. Apply false lashes slightly above the natural lash line. Once applied to the eye, allow the lashes to dry onto the skin for 20-30 seconds before applying mascara. 

For extra full lashes, coat both sides of the upper and lower lashes with 4 coats of black mascara to complete the look. 

* To remove, gently peel lash strip from outer to inner corner of lid. Care for your lashes by peeling off adhesive residue when you remove lashes and cleaning them regularly. Apply fresh DUO with each wearing. To insure proper flow of adhesive, remove any hardened adhesive from tip of tube.