I recently took a poll, “Mascara vs. Lipstick” while lipstick and mascara were neck and neck, mascara made it to the top. Since the 1800′s women have worn mascara to lure the opposite sex. While I seldom walk through the threshold of my door without at least one makeup product, I can count the times I’ve left home without mascara - even when I wear sunglasses!

While I don’t agree with advertisements that use models and celebrities wearing a full-band of false lashes to promote their lash formulas, the Volume Express collection doesn’t have to! I found that these 4 formulas worked on all lashes, creating volume, length and an overall dark and lustrous lash line.Maybeline’s the Falsies Lash Volum Express $8.00

The NYX, Full Figured Mascara is $7.00 and features seven different brushes, each fragrance-free mascara has something unique to offer. (Plus, they’re formulated with keratins, vitamins and naturally-derived waxes to nourish lashes!) Good stuff here!

Maybeline Great Lash is legendary, it’s been around since the 60’s and it alway does the trick. I like the slick formula and keep fresh tubes in all of my makeup kits. $6.99

Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara’s intense patent black pigments makes your lashes pop! The patented silicone wand with multi-length bristles coat every lash for a longer and thicker look. *** Bonus: Ingredients that strengthen, condition, and give high-impact volume and definition. $12.00


Pro tip** Apply mascara to dry and oil free lashes. Oil free you ask? Ensure you lashes are clean of excess face oils and moisturizers that will lengthen the mascara’s dry down time.

Best mascara remover: Lauren Napier Beauty of course!

La Rose by Lauren Napier’s rosewater infused formula is designed gently and effectively remove mascara and long-wearing from the lashes and eye area.

Open, stretch, hold for 3-5 seconds then wipe away!