I love that a half inch of false eye lashes can take a natural eye to the next level! Choose a pair of false lashes that will enhance your natural eye shape. All lashes are cut and layered differently and will create a different effect once applied. For example: the fuller the outer corners, the more flirty the lashes will appear on the eye.


How to apply false eyelashes? Remove lashes from the container. Apply a pearl-sized, droplet of glue to a flat surface. Dip the tweezer into the glue, apply or drag a thin line of adhesive onto the lash band. If you’ve selected individual lashes, dip the bud shaped lash end into the glue. Allow the glue to settle for 8-10 seconds. Apply false lashes slightly above the natural lash line. Once applied to the eye, allow the lashes to dry onto the skin for 20-30 seconds before applying mascara.

For extra full lashes, coat both sides of the upper and lower lashes with 4 coats of black mascara to complete the look.

* To remove, gently peel lash strip from outer to inner corner of lid. Care for your lashes by peeling off adhesive residue when you remove lashes and cleaning them regularly. Apply fresh DUO with each wearing. To insure proper flow of adhesive, remove any hardened adhesive from tip of tube.

*Use Flaunt by Lauren Napier to cleanse around the lash line to extend the life of your lashes!


I have been very busy and hitting the nail salon doesn’t always fit into my schedule. I have also been a little bit of a nail biter lately. In order to combat my excessive nail biting and improve my time management, I have been using what is a lifesaver. Static Nails takes less than 5 minutes to pop on and I’ve got a fully glammed out set of nails that will last for days. The 3x award-winning reusable pop-on nails give you a perfect manicure in seconds for a fraction of the salon cost. These lifesavers can be removed, reapplied and customized. My favorites shapes are round and stiletto in Fetish and Satin. Static Nails has something for everyone so be sure to check them out! I used them for a recent series of photoshoots and they were the perfect accessory to glam out my look!

Stuck on you:


Velour Lash Adhesive’s new latex-free formula is one of the best lash glues I’ve ever used (both on myself and on set). A precision brush-on applicator that makes application mess-free. The formula is gentle on your natural lashes and on your eyes. Adhesive dries clear and is made specifically for luxury lashes and multiple wears. Microbial approved for safe use on eyes.


OPI’s NAIL ADHESIVE - THIN SET Create a strong, lasting bond in seconds with Thin Set Nail Adhesive. The smooth brush-on formula is ideal for a faux nail tip application. Thin Set Nail Adhesive works for affixing embellishments and other precision nail applications. If you see it, grab it. It’s so good it’s often out of stock!