It's cold out, if you're like me you only desire is warm sun and fewer layers. If you're on the east coast, don't let the freezing temps get you down, perk up your beauty routine with a pop of color. The makeup scene is all about bold beauty choices!

Begin with a creamy foundation Apply pearl-sized drop foundation to the skin with a moistened sponge, in a stippling motion. Blend through the inner eye and through the forehead, cheek, chin and neck.

Add concealer under the eye, along the nose around the mouth and lips and over any skin that requires additional coverage.

Apply dime-sized drop foundation to the skin with a short haired brush in a circular motion. Covering these areas of the face will give you a smooth complexion and a great base for your additional makeup like blush or bronzer. Punch up perfectly round and perfectly coveted cheekbones with a shimmering pink blush. Pucker your cheeks and smile while using a blush brush in a sweeping motion, to apply color to your cheeks.

Line eyes with a deep black liner to bring sultry drama to the eyes. Cloak lashes with a heavy coat of mascara. Begin at the base of the lashes, wiggle the mascara brush to the base of the lashes to create a more full appearance. Re-line eyes at the base of the lash-line and along the inner eyes to create depth.

Let your smile stand out with a bold lip. Pinks and orange are the perfect pick-me up spring color. Create an alluring eye with colored mascaras and blue eyeliner. My favorite pop of color on the eye? Blue! 

xo LN