Time and time again, I hear women asking about blush. ” What blush goes with my outfit? ” or “What blush suits my skin tone?”, Instead of asking, “Can I wear pink blush?” With confidence say “I pink, I can!” Embrace bright shades of blush. Color is in style, when you wear it the right way you can rule the room! Blush gives a subtle but bright burst of energy to the center of the points of the face. No matter your complexion, a bright blush can brighten your beauty routine. 

How to apply blush: 

A quick brush lesson, use a fluffy powder brush to deposit color to your cheeks. *Applying a blush with a flexible, loose hair brushes allows for a more sheer color deposit. The shorter and tighter the brush’s hair, the more colorful the payoff. Sweep your blush brush across your selected color and tap away excess color. Blush should be applied after your foundation to the apples of the cheeks. Smile and apply the blush tone to the round, tense muscle also know as the apple of the cheek. Sweep blush onto the apple of the cheek in a soft, circular motion. 

When you’re getting dressed in the morning for work, school or a night out – think pink! If you can work a hot pink top, scarf or dress , step outside of the box and apply a pretty pink blush!