We all have days when we want to be noticed more than others. Demure somedays , some enthusiastic, exuberant and every now and then we’re all business. When the day arrives where we want to be the center of attention, unleash the vamp, allow your makeup to lead your mood. 

Begin with clean and well hydrated skin. Apply a light weight moisturizer throughout your face, neck and declotage’ to ensure a smooth appearance throughout.



Apply foundation from forehead to the nose, blend evenly and continue down from nose to chin. Apply a light cream concealer to disguise red blemishes or dark pigmentation. Highlight cheek bones , nose and chin with a shimmer powder. This step creates definition that will photograph magestically as well as jape the naked eye into thinking you’ve got supermodel skin and bone structure. Use a barley there blush tone to boost cheeks fullness and radiance. Smile or press your lips together to find the perfect position to place blush. Gently follow the length of your eyelids with liquid liner or a bold eyeshadow to accentuate the eyes. Add a shimmering bronze eye shadow to the lower lash line to create an alluring gaze. Bold lips make this look happen, brighten your lips by adding a vampy red , wine or bold p to the equation. 




Enjoy being the belle of the ball! 

Lauren NapierComment