MAKING A SPECTACLE: Makeup and reading glasses. A combo that looks super chic.


 If you’re like me you need a bit of help in the visual department from time to time, if wearing prescription glasses disguises your pretty eyes the solution is here. Go for clean skin, defined brows , a colored cheek and a luscious lip to flatter more than your frames. 

Define your brows with a clear brow gel. Because the lenses are covering your eyes you’ll need to define your pretty peepers. Your glasses offer a fashionable statement but your makeup should be bold enough to out shine the frames. Instead of opting for harsh black eye liner, try a deep navy blue or violet eyeliner to define your upper lash line. Add definition by applying 4-6 coats of deep brown mascara to your lashes. 

Offset the trendy heavy frame with a flattering lip, if you’re feeling flirty use a pink or plum toned lip-stain. Want to standout in the crowd? Opt for a cherry red or coral. Go for subtle sexy with a nude or fleshy pink shade.