Yes. Yes. Yes! Now, that I’ve got your attention Mahershala Ali, Marwan Kenzari and Idris Elba are two of the sexiest men on the big screen. While our body temperatures rise each time these guys hit the screen, oddly I am torn between watching the beautiful and talented men and watching for makeup high-points. I’m often asked “How do you do masculine makeup? ”  This might be helpful material for your engagement shoot , wedding day photos, headshots or any day that a man wants to look or feel good!

So how do you get a guy camera ready without making him look “made-up? ” It has been my personal experience that men having extreme skin conditions. If the skin is dry it’s really dry, if it’s oily then it is really oily. When working with men it’s best to have a variety of skin care options on hand to get the job done. Assess his skin condition cleanse , steam, tone, pat towel dry, then hydrate.


Use the green arrows as a makeup application guide. Determine skin-type and skin-tone, use a sheer to medium coverage foundation to balance the subject’s skin-tone. *Sheer foundation throughout the skin by using a moistened sponge, blend gently through the forehead, temples, neck and ears. Lightly powder to set your foundation.  In the case of men, concealers must be as close to the subject’s natural skin-tone as the overall makeup application will be minimum coverage. Apply a concealer to the areas of the face in addition to blemished areas. Apply concealers with a short haired, synthetic brush .Moisturize lips with a lip treatment and blot away to avoid glossy residue.

It’s often difficult to get a man into wearing makeup. In my experience, they are in a massive rush to take it off. Here’s to the best men’s grooming makeup remover and facial cleanser - CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER was created with men in mind.

CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER is gently fragranced, the wipe is 7x7”, stretchable and its fabric strands won’t get caught in facial hair. Let’s hear it for the boys!