This season is all about color! Pink, coral, red and every color in between. The best way to get a big bang for your beauty buck is go bright. Pinks are the perfect compliment to warm, tanned and brown skin. Take your nude and natural makeup look from bland to BAM! with a pop of pink. Add bold cranberries, juicy strawberries, sweet bubble gum and cotton candy colored lip colors to pretty your pout. 

How to pick the perfect pink? Test the lip color on the fatty part of your hand below your thumb versus the back of your hand or on your wrist. Red, plus a dash of white make the color pink. Some some pinks lip colors are formulated with more red pigment making the lip product more rich and vivid others are made with white and have a lustrous and creamy tone. 

Pick your perfect pink and face the day with a fierce color and shining smile!

What is your favorite shade of pink?