Finding the perfect foundation can be as impossible to find as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you’ve got skin that falls in between the color ranges at the makeup counter, I’ve got helpful tips to help you find your pot of gold! 

As you peruse isle after long makeup isle, look for a foundation formula that meets the needs of your skin type. Try matching the foundation shade the center of your cheek verses the jaw line or the back of your hand or wrist. Quite often the back of your hand and wrist are not the same color or texture as your face. Matching the cheek will give a precise match to your full face. 

If you’ve got a unique skin tone that falls in between the available shades at the makeup counter try mixing and blending. It often takes more than a single foundation shade to balance the variations of color that make up your complexion. 

STEP 1. Locate the three most prominent shades of color that appear throughout your face. Match the most prominent tone on your face with a creamy and spreadable concealer. Find a shade of foundation that matches medium tone. Blending 2 parts dark to 1 part light creating the perfect foundation shade. Continue to blend until you’ve created the perfect shade. 

STEP 2. Match and blend your own custom foundation throughout your face, beginning at the most highly pigmented skin throughout your face. Use a moistened sponge in a stippling motion throughout your face.

STEP 3. Gently blend, set the foundation with a loose powder with a fluffy powder brush. This technique will allow the foundation to settle without being completely matte.


Want more quick makeup tips? Stay tuned! XoLN