I can’t say it enough, red is the color of the moment. Red is also a color that is a staple, statement color and isn’t going to go away quietly into the night. Many fashionistas and makeup lovers ask me, “How does one wear red?” 

Mattes are classic, bold and powerful, stains are flirty and demure while glossy lips appear sultry and sexy. Here’s a tip pair a crimson, matte red with a crisp white button up with a red stiletto or clutch. Couple a glossy, cheery red with a silk, satin gown. Make a flirty statement by paring a deep red lip-stain with a gorgeous, wool ruby coat.

Matching red with your skin tone:
If you’ve got fair skin opt for a true red with a cherry pink to red undertone. Olive skin, try a blue based red that will stand out against your radiant complexion. Medium brown skin tones should try a lipstick with an orange value to it’s undertone, this shade will pop against beautiful brown skin. Deep chocolate skin tones should try a red with a deep pink saturation to is base color.

How to choose the perfect red? Before you hit the makeup counter, ask yourself this question: What lipstick texture are you looking for? A bold and dry matte, a smooth and creamy texture or a romantic stain. Once you’ve decided on the look that you want it is much easier to find the perfect color.