Summer is here and love is in the air. If it’s a first date, five year anniversary or guy-spying at a late afternoon wedding, romantic makeup is the way to go! 

No matter your skin tone, begin by blending a liquid foundation with a sun protecting moisturizer and apply throughout the face and neck. Use a concealer brush to conceal hyper-pigmentation and redness along the under eye, nasal folds and along the outer creases of the lips and mouth. Meld your concealer and foundation blend with a moistened sponge for a luminous complexion. 

Sweep a wash of pale pink blush onto the apples of the cheeks and throughout the temples to give the illusion of a romantic pink cheek.



Stick with minimalist eyes to achieve this look. Start with shimmering pale tones for fair skin and subtle coppers if you’ve got a deeper complexion. Apply a thin eye liner along the upper lash line to create subtle definition. Sweep mascara onto the upper and lower lashes. 

Make lips the center of attention with a fruity watermelon or strawberry pink lipstick or gloss.