Zesty orange and vibrant citrus tones swept us off our feet last summer, and the trend continues! Fall and now winter the sweet potato toned lip is still trending. Orange base tones can flatter all complexions and is a vibrant color when you want to make a statement without wearing a “full beat.” The real question, what lipstick texture suits you? Are you matte, glossy or satin gal? 

Matte lips are striking and command attention. When wearing vibrant mattes a subtle eye and cheek compliment your sexy smile and glowing summer skin. Survey says, you’re in command of your ship! 

Gloss creates a demure and very lady-like mood. The subtle pop of color is alluring, innocent. Sheer enough to be considered a fresh and nude yet vivid. This look is sweet and easy going, perfect for the busy beauty on the run! 

Satin lips are soft, smooth and gently reflect color. Wearing a satin lipstick will create a colorful mood leaving onlookers feeling like this lady is trendy and knows how to work it! 

fenty beauty , freckle fiesta , lauren napier beauty

My new favorite is Fenty Beauty’s, Freckle Fiesta. It’s colorful but muted. Yes, this is an oxymoron but it is my go to color when I still want color, but not too much color. It’s soft and creamy so my lips aren’t going through matte texture hell in these frosty conditions - but it’s matte! Brilliant!