I was blown away when I received an email from the team of my modern, feminist, sh-EO idol! The #GIRLBOSS team was interested in going "Beyond the #Girlboss Moment" sharing the perils and peaks of female entrepreneurship. Here, I'll share 3 tips for staying above water when times get tough.

Three tips for aspiring entrepreneurs:

1.) Burnout happens; don’t let it stress you out further. It happens in waves and at various stages in your business. Take a nap, take a walk, talk out your frustrations. Pause, re-calibrate re-energize, then redirect. 

2.) Don’t be timid! There are no stupid questions. Asking a question, no matter how great or small, could save you cash, time or even save your business.

3.) Find or create a community of peers. Listen and share experiences, information and solutions. Running a business can be very isolating in the beginning, and we often find ourselves immersed in our operation. Dialogue with fellow business owners is a resource and connection that is vital to your brand and on a personal level, your sanity!

Follow the link for the full story! Xo LN 

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