I am celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of the launch of CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER. I invite you to celebrate with me as I chronicle my journey. 

I came up with the concept for CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER in a window seat, on a flight from Australia to Dubai and then onto New York. 

At home and jet-lagged, I began to write in my day planer. I googled ingredients, did some market research and sketched out my ideas for packaging and even branding. I started cold calling manufacturers. I had no idea of the industry lingo, but I have faced rejection and embarrassment so a cold call was the least of my worries. I found a few seminars and government courses online - I attended and I got lots of helpful information. 

I found a manufacturer and with my savings I went into production. Don't fear, it wasn't as much as you think! 3 months later I had a prototype, weeks after I went into production! In the meantime, I worked on my own goals for the brand and also the business and legal and PR. Again, I didn't know exactly what I was doing, but I could read and everything you need to know is out there for you to consume, digest and apply to your dream product!

I received my inventory and then, I didn't have a clue what to do! So I called the people at The Makeup Show and they accepted my pitch and I introduced CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER to the beauty world! 

I've been on a pretty wold ride since then. I updated the packaging and increased the product offering. CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER started to catch on and became a cult fave with the beauty editors and I also got picked up by major retailers like Net-A-PORTER, Harvey Nichols, Mecca in Australia and Colette in Paris.

2017 is a big year! As I celebrate my 3rd anniversary, I am also celebrating the launch of FLAUNT by LAUREN NAPIER. The first of its kind makeup remover to target advanced skin conditions, while celebrating a woman's personal evolution! 


3 lessons I've learned in 3 years: Trust your instinct. Think outside the box. No is never an option, just assess, then redirect. ✔️✔️✔️

Xo, LN