I have NEVER been a Donald Trump supporter. I watched in horror as this unqualified narcissist ascended to the top of the Republican ticket, held up by a the GOP's desire to "win", a platform of fear and his supporter's desire of superiority and exclusivity. 45 is not a leader but a follower, a hurricane of hate, a person proven to have no conviction and an ignorant, boorish, imbecile spoon feeding his fans untruths with a singular mission to dismantle all progress made by the previous administration. Prove me wrong - does he ever mention any other president's policies?

In fewer than 6 months he's dismantled 70 years of diplomacy all due to his lack of understanding, willful ignorance and ego. He is the obnoxious American that is detested by cultured people globally. Loud, ignorant, unhealthy, unappreciative of other cultures, dripping with American pride by its most sinful definition.

45 embodies every characteristic of a bully, of a brut of every person our parents taught us not to be. As a child I was told, "Be kind to others. Take care of those who are not as fortunate as you. Don't make fun of people with physical challenges. Don't touch people's privates. Share. If you don't have something nice to say, say nothing. Be polite. Be considerate of others. Don't call people names. Tell the truth. Don't pick on those weaker or smaller. Then there is my favorite, do unto others as ye shall have done unto you." 

The one thing we as a global community can do for each other is keep the environment clean and safe. I believe this wholeheartedly. I have visited 4 of the world's 7 continents. I admire the beauty of other cultures, the progressive policies and the cleanliness of other communities. There is an unspoken mutual respect for the community and environment.

I care deeply about the environment. I care about breathing clean air, drinking clean water and climate change. LAUREN NAPIER BEAUTY products are made in America, manufactured with solar energies, recyclable materials, are cruelty free and free of hazardous microbeads that pollute our oceans at alarming levels. My philosophy has been, I can contribute to creating a product with a clean carbon footprint, so I will. It's just that simple. 


The Paris Accord was named such, as it is where the world's leaders came in peace and with mutual respect to Paris for the betterment of the environment. Arrogance and entitlement at it's highest form is assuming re-negotiation will be granted because he wants it is not diplomatic, it is petulant. Industries like paper, concrete, steel and coal are not industries that should be leading with the onset of email, renewable materials and clean energies - DUH, it's 2017!  

I reject this administration. I didn't vote for him but America elected Gordon Gecko. Yes 45, they are "laughing at us" and 45 is the butt of every joke. 



Lauren NapierComment