It was the 90s and I remember this well. The magazine’s editor, Tina Brown, deemed Moore’s act a brave declaration, “a new young movie star willing to say, ‘I look beautiful pregnant,’ and not ashamed of it.” Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were having a baby and she'd appeared nude on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Oh, the outrage. It was immodest, immoral, pornographic - it was ridiculous. The photo was the first mass-media picture to sexualize pregnancy, and many found it too shocking for the newsstand. Some grocery chains refused to stock the issue, while others covered it up like pornography.


The provocative magazine cover changed our culture forever. Pregnancy was once a relatively private affair. After Annie Leibovitz’s picture, celebrity births, naked maternity shots and candid paparazzi snaps of moms-to-be have become industries unto themselves.

Birth and pregnancy are miraculous. The female body is a machine. Powerful, strong, beautiful and sensual. As a little girl I thought, "Why is this not being celebrated? Why do women hide their bodies under those fat sacks, show it off! It's pretty spectacular what's happening in there."

Now, I don't have children, pregnancy is not my thing. I am happy to celebrate with others as they make the journey of motherhood. I hope all women have the support they need through their pregnancies and embrace the power, strength and beauty of pregnancy and bringing another life into the world. To all the pregnant ladies, "Live, embrace your evolution and enjoy your body. It is magnificent."

*Now, if we can get society behind menstruating and normalize breastfeeding. 

xo LN