I was in the midst of one of my own fiery, political tweestorms and I received a message, "We have to meet!" On the other side of the tweet was Ms. Whitney Brown. A powerful force named Whitney Brown. She is smart, funny and a woman full of ideas and overflowing with passion. 

Looking back on your first job, what skill did you use that you still use today?

Looking back on my first job, which was a cashier at a grocery store at the age of 16, the skill that I've learned and still use today is speed. I remember people coming into my lane and always complimenting me on how fast I rang their groceries and got them out of the store. I never liked to wait while in the grocery store with my mom and always thought about how annoying it was to stand in line to get your food so I kept that in mind when I became a cashier and worked as quickly as possible. Today, in addition to having little to no patience, (thank you New York) I am keen on working as quickly and efficiently as possible. If I set a date for something, I make sure that my work is done by or before that date. It's never a race with me, but I make sure that I am timely and constantly producing.

What was the first step you took to launch your brand?

The first step that I took to launch my brand was quitting my corporate job. That was honestly the scariest but most rewarding thing that I could have done. I was working a job making great money but working for a horrible boss and was unhappy. I made a decision to quit my job and trust myself to do what I knew I wanted to do which was working for myself. After taking the leap of faith, I felt so free. I was so inclined to do something! I then launched my very first online campaign, Meet the Owner with Fashionbombdaily. Three months later, I have 3 very talent and very interested clients that I am currently working with. Not to mention, my goal for this year was to sign one client only.

What is your method of press, i.e. social media, PR or word of mouth? What is the most successful? 

My method of press has been social media and word of mouth. Social media is such a beautiful thing and is your friend and not your enemy; I had to tell someone this. People get into moods and run away from social media, which is fine, but when owning a running a company it's important to be up-to-speed with what's going on in the world around you. My clients found me via social media so this has been the best and most successful method of press for me to date. When I am out, I always make sure to tell people that I am a talent manager and founder of W Entertainment. It's who I am and what I do so it is a part of my introduction. 

What are two tips you can share that have helped you find balance without sacrifice?

The first tip is time management. Being able to effectively manage your time between work, family, friends, social life and personal time is important. Whatever you need to do to help manage you should do; whether it is writing in a journal, using sticky notes or calendar. I personally use a desk calendar and I hand write my appointments in pencil so I can visibly see my day, week or month. Managing my time eliminates the feeling of having to sacrifice one thing over the next. I can allot time for certain days, certain activities or seeing certain people.

The second tip is sleep! This is so important! I can't stress it enough. Get some sleep! In order to go hard and be the best you, you must rest. Rest your body, mind and soul. Your brain literally needs rest to function and reboot. This is scientifically proven. Some people view sleep as "not working" or "falling behind" but in fact getting rest and properly taking care of your body will allow you to effectively manage your time (tip #1) in order to operate at 110%. Being on your A game with proper rest will make all of the difference. 

What is your best piece of advice for your fellow Female Founders?

My advice is to trust that you know exactly what to do in situations of uncertainty. Before anyone can trust you, you have to trust yourself. You know exactly what you want and only you can go out and get that. When you trust yourself, there is nothing that you can't accomplish. With trust in yourself, you will never fail. With trusting yourself there is no room to question yourself. That's first. Second, be receptive and aware. Everything happens for a reason and life will continue to throw obstacles your way until you learn the lessons that you need in life. Be receptive to those lessons. Learn so that you can grow; grow so that you can teach. Third, own your flaws. Own it! Whatever it is..own it because it makes you who you are. Once you are the owner of your flaws, no one can use them against you. 

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