This year Lady Gaga is taking Hollywood by storm (along with the red carpet). Gaga has been burning up the red carpet shining brighter than ever! I literally gasped when I saw her at Cannes and each gown topped the next. Her stylist needs to be compensated heavily Gaga looked like the shining star that she is! She is dazzling and I cannot wait to see her through award season. Brilliant!

Gaga, slow down, let me catch my breath! More premier looks. Again, do not ever rid yourself of this glam squad. Like, never!

I met Lady Gaga at SNL. I did her makeup on the longest and weirdest shoot ever. She was kind to me, sweet and a marches to the beat of her own drum. Of course, I heard so many things about her but she had a light and warmth shining from within. I have never seen someone so focused or determined - she was an absolute inspiration!

Like the rest of the world I continued to follow her career. My favorite GaGa memory is not the egg arrival or the meat costume. It was when Gaga preformed at the Oscars and sang the soundtrack to the Sound of Music. I will never forget, I had an early call time and was to be at work at 4am. I have no idea why I was still awake. I sat up in my bed and could not go back to sleep. I woke up 6 hours later and played her version over and over until it was time to walk out the door and she kept me floating all day.


Lady Gaga’s Academy Awards attire. She’s got the talent AND the gowns (in my Aretha voice).

What are you favorite Lady Gaga looks?