MICH"ELLE" OBAMA: America's Last First Lady, Author and Covergirl


It’s no secret, I and the rest of the decent world are fans of Mrs. Michelle Obama! She is relatable, authentic and she is royalty. I call her America’s Last First Lady because she is and yes, that is an absolute slight to the courtesan who currently and accidentally occupies the East Wing.

Michelle Obama is a woman of substance and one to be admired. From her humble South Side Chicago beginnings to her life in the White House Michelle Obama has made all of the right moves.

When the Becoming book release was announced I went straight online and ordered copies. There was no way I would buy just 1. Anything Mrs. Obama said need to be shared amongst friends. Michelle Obama resurrected the book club. I have a feeling her book will be analyzed and highlighted. She is like your cool aunt with all of the good advice and I am here for all of it.

This superwoman has stolen our hearts and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish that she and the Mr. are back at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. watching over the country. The world was a much better place. To my chagrin they aren’t going back - instead she will be immortalized on magazine and book covers for eternity.

I cannot wait to get cozy with my book and my issue of Elle! I am so excited delve into all of the history and life lessons Michelle has to offer. Now! Let’s make Michelle Obama an NY Times Best Seller!

Isn’t she lovely?! Michelle Obama is interviewed by the one and only Oprah Winfrey in the December issue of Elle Magazine.


Order your copy now!

Oure beloved Oprah has been gushing over the 448 page opus and has even made Becoming an Oprah Book Club pick. What gets me is Oprah has been there and seen it all, it tickles me that even Oprah seems starstruck over Michelle Obama.

Don’t you just love these two? Is there anything more inspiring than the legacy of these two women? I am in awe!


Michelle Obama and Oprah