It’s been called the most wonderful time of the year! It’s better known to those who know me as the season of giving … I like to give gifts that I would want to receive myself but I also like to give gifts that aren’t bank busters. Here are some of my face and body picks for the beauty lover in your life ( or for you, if you just want to “treat yo’ self).


Wet ‘n Wild lashes are perfect for a night out or a holiday party. Find these flirty lashes at your local drug store . $5.00

Cleanse by Lauren Napier, is a New Year’s Eve must have. The 5 Count, Weekly pack will last you from Christmas to New Year’s. Toss a few in your bag for the big celebration or you can even share with your NYE party partner in crime. $10.00

Marie Hunter Beauty’s selection of vibrant lip colors will help stuff the beauty lover in your life’s stocking. $18.00

Patchology’s Rejuvinating Eye Gels will help keep the eyes spry through the winter. $15.00,


I live for a good vacation and I love to give a gift that I can take on holiday. Shake up the stocking gift with some coveted and travel friendly body products. Hamamat’s Safari Shea Butter keeps your skin aglow. The bright yellow formula comes in a 1oz. It’s $5.00 - so you should grab 2!

54 Thrones, Black Soap Detox Bar is an absolute dream. Handmade in northern Ghana and packed with powerful skin healing ingredients, our Vegan Black Soap or "Alata Samina" as it's called in the Ghanaian Twi language, is made with 100% natural ingredients like plantain skins, coconut oil, cocoa pods and Shea Butter. $14.00

I prefer not to use hotel towels. There is just something strange about washing my face with something that was used by a stranger. I take my LuvScrub everywhere. It’s the perfect gift that you never knew you needed. It lasts for months and it costs $18.00

Mischo Beauty’s nail lacquer does more than spruce up your digits. It’s a gift you can share with your roomie or your nail salon buddy. I love this brand because it’s founded by a woman and it’s non-toxic! $17

What are you favorite beauty brands under $20?