I am a huge fan of Emily Blunt. She is low key, chic, completely unbothered and uber talented. I am so excited for Mary Poppins that I can’t even stand it! I was introduced to her in, Devil Wears Prada. I cracked up as she shoveled that pudding cup into her mouth after her character’s Pre-Paris fast. She’s made some thrillers and tear jerkers but I’ve got to be honest, her red carpet looks are what tickles my fancy! Also, it’s pretty smashing that she can werk any hair color!

Now, it’s not often that I post guys on the page ( because coupledom is literally none of my business. This couple is so darn cute and they are already on the red carpet so let’s have a gander. Aren’t they a dapper duo?

I couldn’t get over the announcement, I had a hard eye roll when I heard this Disney masterpiece would be remade. The announcement of Emily Blunt softened the blow and the Vogue cover sealed the deal. I am all in! Also, who doesn’t adore Lin Manuel Miranda? He’s the most jovial and earnest guy in entertainment. He’s the only guy who could fill dear Dick Van Dyke’s shoes in the roll of Bert. Confession, I cried when I saw Dick Van Dkye flash in the preview.

How can you not get excited about this?

mary poppins equality

Perhaps I have such an affinity for Mary Poppins because Mrs. Banks sang a song about women, voting and equality at the top of the movie. I cannot say it enough, I cannot wait to see Mary Poppins on December 19th! Like John Krasinski, I almost burst into tears when I saw the preview during the screening of “A Star is Born.” For me, there is not a remake/sequel that I’ve anticipated more. “It’s practically perfect in every way!


Which Disney remake are you more excited about, The Lion King or Mary Poppins?