Maisha Harris, Founder & CEO PINK BEAUX.COM

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Inspired by the love for editorial beauty, Pink Beaux, your newest online retail destination, opens its e-doors with a highly curated lineup of NYFW-worthy brands for the beauty connoisseur. Our clients are obsessed with beauty and covet exclusive, results driven, editor-approved indie and major brands. To answer this lust for high-end beauty, Pink Beaux houses a select roster including toxin-free luxury nail lacquers from Mischo Beauty, high- performing makeup primers from Heir Atelier, and dual action facial cleansing wipes from Lauren Napier Beauty.

Residing in Houston, TX, Maisha Harris, the Founder and CEO of Pink Beaux has always had a fond relationship with her beauty products and transitioned that love into a freelance writing career in 2009. In 2018, after wanting to create a retail platform for discerning women who are unapologetic about investing in their inner and outer beauty through the careful curation of opulent cosmetics, she created Pink Beaux.

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“I discovered my passion for makeup and skin care at an early age using money from my first job as a teen to fill my purse with lip gloss and mascara. In adulthood, that obsession has only grown deeper and more astute. I have spent years educating myself, and my friends, on the importance of having high standards in our beauty practices so for women like me, who share those same values, Pink Beaux is a dream come true.

We elevate brands that come heavily coveted by industry experts, beauty editors, and insiders, thoroughly vetting each product for efficacy and tastefulness. Our brands are the haute couture of beauty exhibiting timeless style through their painstaking attention to every detail from their product formulations and manufacturing practices, down to their labeling and packaging. Our brands understand that beauty is a sensual experience and take a 360o approach in the creation and development of their products never skimping on ingredients or innovation. We’ve launched with a small but mighty selection because it is

important that our clients grow to trust us as a company and that every item on Pink Beaux actually delivers on claims without sacrificing the chic, modern aesthetic that we all love in our luxury goods.”

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