liya kebede , instyle

Toe everyone who “woke up like this.” Fully clothed and makeup free is the way to be. There is beauty in taking it off and beauty in sleeping guilt free at bedtime. I hope your new year’s eve celebrating was terribly exciting or perfectly peaceful. If yours was the former, here’s what you need to survive day 1 of 2019. Eat something delicious, keep rocking with your crew and of course - hang on to your CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER at some point today you’ll need it again!

Drink lots and lots of water to keep your body hydrated. There is melatonin to help you sleep away the day . I also recommend a cheese burger and fries to soak up all of the mixed drinks still flowing through your bod.

Enjoy your day, night, week, month and year - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

xo LN