Janet Jackson, Love Will Never Do

Janet Jackson, Love Will Never Do

Janet Jackson is a legend, a pop icon, a member of music royalty and a fearless woman! Which is why I am leading the protest in supporting Janet Jackson past, present and absolutely into the future. 


My memories of Janet are vivid from the clips from Ed Sullivan with her brothers, supporting role as Penny on "Good Times" and her role as Wills's girlfriend on "Different Strokes" her image has been with me through my childhood, adolescence, teenage years and beyond!

 "Control" hooked me! She was in full control and her art would completely imitate her life. Janet inspired me, her boxy outfits, clad in black with minimalist makeup or a smokey eye was her signature look - in the most subtle way, I wanted to be like Janet! 

I loved her evolution, as she matured so did I. "Love Will Never Do" she was charming and alluring the girl everyone wanted to be! On "Velvet Rope" Janet evolved into a provocateur exploring sensuality and sex!