Short har, long hair, braids, afros locs and color. What makes hair beautiful? What about a woman's hair is interesting, sexy, what story is your hair telling? I have been contemplating switching "it" up this summer. Long, short, braids, locs, shaved. Who knows?

Spring is here and summer is upon us. What is the move this season? There is an underlying but powerful current associated with hair this season. Is it feminist rage, the Me Too movement, Time's Up , the force behind the Never Again movement and women generally taking a stand from gender bias and self empowerment that will result in a departure from what is traditionally and conventionally sexy. 

Short and Sexy


Luscious Locs:

Allure comes when a woman finds herself and devours society's beauty norms. Sexy is when a woman is confident in her purpose and power, in herself not just her hair! 

Awe-inspiring Afros:

Beautiful Braids: 

Cool Color:

Long and Lush:

What's your hair move for the summer? Stay tuned. I will share my summer hair, skin and body journey with you. xo LN