I shaved my head in high school. It was an accident. I was trying to give my pixie a little clean up and it all went south. 

Agyness Deyn X Shaves her head

Agyness Deyn X Shaves her head

This time, the cut was done with full intention. Why? Because I wanted to. That should be a sufficient enough answer for any woman (or man) making a decision about her (or his) hair, body and ...LIFE. 


I will elaborate, also because I want to. I felt it was time for a full cleanse of the body, mind, soul and spirit. I have been working incredibly hard to run my business, to fully digest the lessons from the past and grow fully, comfortably and confidently into womanhood. There is so much chaos in the world and I felt that tension and chaos infiltrating my life, my state of peace. I was also working nearly 100 hours per week. This is not and exaggeration. For the past 8 months, I have been working on a TV series AND simultaneously operating every aspect of LAUREN NAPIER BEAUTY. 

I challenged myself to do it all and boy did I. I am a dedicated and hard worker and by no means a quitter. I survived one of the most difficult working environments I have ever performed in and successfully made it through a retail holiday season. Incredible. 

It was now time to take care of myself. Self care is something that is trendy, it's a hashtag but it should also be a daily reality. My opinion a priority. Clean eating and exercise would become an even greater priority. Exercise even more important. I had doctor's appointments, blood tests, physicals and dental exams lined up. I was taking a deep-dive into my physical health.

Mental health was also a place were I would take some assessment. I experienced quite a bit of trauma over the past year a move, harassment at work, the souring of friendships and relationships and the resurfacing of health complications was cause to check in with a professional.

Next I tapped into my soul, check in with my spirit and unplug. Working in a grueling workspace is tough on ones psyche. I think if you have any level of self awareness or desire to become the best person you can be. I often reflect my personal behavior, reactions, approach, and deflecting the darkness in a space where desperation exists only to absorb the light. 

In all of my self exploration I was drawn back to my brand philosophy, "There is beauty in taking it off." That was true. It became my motivation, my inspiration for the big buzz! Another lightening strike, a lightbulb moment that would recharge and reinvigorate me, in fact my heart was flooded with inspiration. I feel like I am in command of my life, my decisions, sensuality, sexuality, strength and image. This is me bold and raw. This is a new beginning. 

xo LN