This week Cardi B dropped her debut album Invasion of Privacy. It's my personal belief that she is single handedly resurrecting hip-hop. I am not joking. That is my honest opinion. I cannot recall the last time I listened to an album from start to finish but I have, on repeat. 

I have been chatting to my sister @newtexacali, who know's I am often unimpressed by the current state of music. Ms. Cardi B has turned me into a ... Bardi... well what do her fans call themselves? Because, I am 100 part of that clique! 

Last summer I would have easily been quoted saying, "What is a Bodack Yellow and who the 'eff is Cardi B?" Today, I have a full and open hearted appreciation for Cardi B. I could go on and on here. It wasn't until I heard the line,

"I'm quick to cut a n****off so don't get comfortable."

I felt a sense of confidence and empowerment that unbeknownst had been lying dormant. I had been revived. As women, leaders and girlbosses we often give people chance after chance, being polite being patient and this lyric applied to a few parts of my life. I took it literally and moved the eff on! Success, freedom. 

Suddenly, Cardi was everywhere and I was all ears.  

Cardi B, Invasion of Privacy

Cardi B, Invasion of Privacy

Enter Invasion of Privacy, Cardi is a trap version of Lauryn Hill (and that does NOT make what she has to offer lyrically any less valuable), a poet like Biggie, as sexually liberated as Lil Kim and charming like Left Eye. There is something unique about Cardi B. She is adorable, likable, tough and simultaneously Cardi B is a lyrical assassin. 

Cardi drops hard core lyrics, let's call them rhapsodic gems. I cannot get enough of this record. I highly recommend you listen to what this gal has to say. If you want motivation here it is:

Get up 10

I said we gon' win

Knock me down nine times but I get up ten

Look myself in the mirror, I say we gon' win

Knock me down nine times but I get up ten