The charm of the royal wedding is undeniable. At this scary and dark place in time we all needed a few hours of magic, a fairytale, real life black girl magic on the world's stage to take us all out of the grey haze and into the warm light of love. 

On May 19th I woke up at 4 am. 4am on the dot to be precise. Not to watch the wedding but because I'd made some slamming lobster enchiladas and passed out at 7pm only to wake up in the middle of the night ready for dessert and water. 

I grabbed my phone and noticed the news was coming from across the pond. I knew it was happening but completely skipped my mind that it was happening now. Like, literally a billion other people I tuned in and was mesmerized by the every moment of this love story. 


She is breathtaking in the Givenchy wedding gown. Her dress was understated , by choice no doubt. The bride's natural beauty and perfectly natural makeup would steal the show. I am always a fan of freckles and a natural glow. I almost missed her tiara. Her tiara ... on loan from her man's grand mother ... the QUEEN! - Outstanding! 


She is so perfectly poised, she is lovely especially since she, in front of the world, is tearing down the system and rebuilding it in her image. She gets it, she is WOKE AF and low key, so is Harry. 


I am not sure anyone remembers the 1950 Disney version of Cinderella. I used to hum this song when I played with my Barbies and when I saw these two I didn't have an Etta James song sweep over me, it was "So this is looooove..." If you are into love stories, this was the ultimate love story. 


Here is a sweet tid-bit of information. Harry, clearly in love and deeply in love with his mother and paying tribute to his mother helped select Megan's bouquet. It was filled with Forget Me Nots, his mother Princess Diana's favorite flowers. The official family photo was also taken on the chair where his mother posed with him for his christening portrait. We love a partner who pays attention to detail. 


The royal family, changed forever. There is true love and beauty abound. 

Then I went back to bed, overflowing with joy. Love won. 

xo LN


On to the reception in a lovely Stella McCartney gown and her Mother in Law, Princess Diana of Wales' aquamarine cocktail ring.