Madonna is 60! 1958 was a pretty good year since it's the year my mother was born along with so many other admirable people in this big bad world. Today, we honor Madonna!

Madonna is an bona fide icon. Madonna is emphatically pop, Madonna is mesmerizing, Madonna is forcefully self aware and fabulously unapologetic.  As a child of the 80's and a teen of the 90's there is a Madonna moment for every moment of my adolescence.  So every album cover is so visually inspirational

Not just the "Queen of Pop," Madonna is a empress, a woman possessing mythical powers, she is a singer, an actress an activist and I have never NOT been a fan. From Cherish to Vogue, Who's that Girl (the movie), the black Jesus in Like a Prayer,  The 1990's Bedtime Stories, her sexual exploration, motherhood and activism has always been an inspiration.

Madonna and other humans. 


I love a good Polaroid. This series of Madonna polaroids are extra cool finds!


My absolute favorite modern Madonna lewks. She bad! 

Magical. This look is burned in my brain. This was magic. Madonna for Evita. 


Madonna movies: "Swept Away" is one of my faves the lighting is gorgeous her body is defying anything normal. She looks healthy and then she does a performance in the middle of the movie. INsanE! I watched "Who's that Girl?" every day at my grandmother's house for an entire summer. "Dick Tracy", "A League of their Own" ... more of my adolescent memories flash before my eyes. I can recall the songs and lines from each movie... 30 years later. 

The many faces of Madonna.

Madonna , Golden Globe winner. 

More Madonna moments 

Madonna, the dark ages

I just can't get enough

I LIIIIIVE for Madonna! I love her frustration with FedEx ( because I need FedEx in my life but I've been there too!) I love her skin, cheekbones and that she is comfortable in her own skin! I love it. Madonna is very FLAUNT by LAUREN NAPIER ... someone tell me how to get her some! 

2019 is just a few months away and Madge has given me some real inspo! xo LN

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