We have seen images of the Rosie the Riveter who inspired women to join the work force at the height of WWII. As I evolved, these are the images that inspired and influenced me to get out there and work!

The 90s brought us Claire Huxtable , Murphy Brown , Angela Bower and Julia Sugarbaker. Women with moxie, bold and fully in command. There is no doubt that representation matters and these women have impacted my life. 

I am proud to say that I am a descendent of some very strong women. My great grandmother owned her own version of a juke-joint in the segregated , Jim Crow 1950's south, her daughter went on to be a city council woman in the 90s and my mother is the director of Alumni Affairs at the historically black college where so many of my relatives received their college educations. 

I have had many, many strong female role models and I am lucky to have been born in a place in history surrounded by the images of powerful and influential women. From Texas Governor Ann Richards to Maxine Waters I have witnessed women legislate and advocate for other women. I was also luck enough to see so many rich and well rounded women portrayed before my eyes on television. 


There are fictional characters and then there is the larger than life story teller, Oprah Winfery. I spent an hour a day with her through my childhood and teenage years. When Jerry Springer began to drag the country into the gutter, Oprah was there with a book to lift us up. She, like no other is inspiration. Thank you Auntie Oprah! 

The 90's would also show us how important our girlfriends are from Ally McBeal to Sex and the City, I was there to watch women on TV make more relatable choices, depend on their friendships all while running businesses and working at law firms! 

A Washington DC fixer, a New York doctor and an LA lawyer - all women of color are making moves and inspiring the next generation to take control of their lives, bodies, vulnerabilities, sexuality, careers and relationships to become sturdy and steadfast women in control of their destinies.


Of course, what is most inspiring about How to Get Away with Murder is Shonda Rhimes writing a makeup remover into the script. **If she could write FLAUNT by LAUREN NAPIER into the script my life would be made. It's the best part of the day, Yes Shonda! "There is beauty in taking it off.”

Take it back to the old school. Have you ever watched Mad Men? This series one of the most well written series to hit the silver screen. The characters arcs and development is brilliant. I watch this series for inspiration, ideas and of course the visual feast that is 1960s fashion. Watching this series makes me reflect on how far women have come. 

Donna Summer

Donna Summer, "She Works Hard for the Money" is my theme song. I live this every day and quote it at least every hour. If I had a TV series, THIS would be my theme song. I don't ... yet ... but I am dedicating this post to the many, many hard working women on this special Labor Day.