My sister, @newtexacali introduced me to @kyrzada_ . I have an affinity for a stylish and confident woman. I am flat out inspired. I always want to know more. I scrolled through the page in awe,

Obviously a GROOOOWN woman, she had a sexy short haircut and a voluptuous bod. I was fascinated by her oversized glasses, how she managed to look effortlessly sexy walking over cobblestone and her skin! Her gorgeous skin - what a beautiful woman! 


Last November, while sitting on set, I scrolled through Kyrzada's feed and noticed she had been in the hospital.

A hospital veteran in my own right, I instantly felt a level of empathy for her. I thought to myself, "She is a woman doing it all. Sometimes we have to listen to our bodies and slow down."

As I read the caption, her comment was the same. "Listen to your body!!!" As she shared more of her story I felt her pain, I felt her worry, I felt her fear and I felt her vulnerability. I began to follow her more closely, keeping her in my thoughts and quiet moments. 


I watched her style evolve, her scalp begin to peak through her thinning hair and her curves fade away. Kyrzada's strength, candor positivity and vulnerability made her more beautiful. Through her posts there was positivity, there was selfless encouragement, she was going through the fight of her life and had the space in her heart to give, to be warm, to inspire to be holy and not resentful. As I read through her posts I was flooded with emotion - I had not realized how much she touched my life. 

Kyrzayda Rodriguez is a modern style icon. Her effortless beauty, individualistic style, and her powerful presence will live on forever. Kyrzayda did not lose her battle with cancer. She WON, she fought boldly and in color, she touched the world and leaves behind a legacy of power, of love and of a destiny fulfilled. 

Farewell to you,