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I have always loved the Academy Awards! Loved them and maybe, just maybe I will be able to be part of the party. If not, like billions of others over the years I will watch in my pjs with wine and popcorn. I have always enjoyed cinema so combining the beauty, fashion and fantasy of the red carpet has always inspired my dreams and creativity. Also, I miss the one and only Joan Rivers! May I go on record saying how grateful I am for Joan Rivers. Joan made looking good on the red carpet an art, her quick witted critiques created an industry inside of an industry. Joan’s brilliance gave birth to tv series, blogs, beauty experts and more - Joan Rivers legacy lives on and I will miss her forever!

I am so happy to see so many body shapes, backgrounds and ages on the red carpet!

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Shimma and glimma! If I were invited, if I were going to the Academy Awards, I believe that I would fall somewhere in this color range. This is soooo me!

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Royal, bold and powder - she’s got the blues!

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I enjoy a good neutral but the pinks, violets and deep jewel tones make my hear smile!

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The Academy Awards happen each year in February, I am excited to see earth tones and greens on the red carpet.

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Lady in red. Bold and one of my favorite colors. I live for the boldness and confidence required to wear red. It’s a show stopper. W-E-R-K!

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Cate Blanchette is in a category of her own. Each year she tops herself. The two time academy award winner is a red carpet darling and never misses a beat - on ANY red carpet! SHOW STOPPAH!

The night of is what I can only imagine , magical. The way home is probably a little less exciting. Before you hit the sack after any party or night out. Be sure you cleanse ! Remove makeup, pollution and sweat from your skin’s surface. Spritz a bit of rose water on your skin for good measure. Finally, have a gulp of water to help hydrate after a long night out and a little too much cocktailing.

What is your after party bedtime routine?