Solid gold and copper tones are some of the most flattering looks on all skintones. From light to dark skin shimmering golds, subtle pink cheek and nude lips can sharpen a look and be simultaneously understated.

My 5 minute makeup tip:

Step 1: Eyes first! This way, if you muck up your mascara application or you avoid having to reapply your entire face.

Apply a wash of eyeshadow over your full lid. Stop at the crease. Use a flexible eyeshadow brush in a sweeping motion to blend until the look is smokey and nearly fades in to your skin.

Apply eyeliner to your upper lash-line. Then apply mascara. Several coat, maybe 10 to each eye.

Use your preferred Lauren Napier Beauty wipes to cleanse around the eye area to remove any excess eyeshadow spillage.

Apply foundation and a touch of concealer to highlight your cheekbones and disguise your under eye if necessary.

Sweep a soft pink blush over the apples of your cheeks.

Apply lips and you are out the door!