What can I say except, “WOW!” Meghan Markel is living her best life representing the royal family as she travels the world. Under the glow of newlywed bliss and now pregnancy the mamma to be is beaming! The “little bump’s” as lovingly called by daddy Harry is due very soon so there is no time like the present to write about Mamma Meghan’s pregnancy fashion. Meghan has been the picture of elegance, confidence and demure as she has taken the role of Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex and I am here for it! Her skin is all aglow, hair is shining and there is style on style on style!


Want the look? Whip a blend of foundation and concealer throughout the skin. From forehead to chin and down into the neck be sure to blend and buff the foundation to even out the complexion. Using a brush or a sponge sweep liquid foundation throughout the skin to leave a sheer and glowy appearance. Keep the eyes to a minimum, apply eyeliner close to the lash-line, apply a lush coat of mascara through the lashes top and bottom.

Add a pop of color to the cheek. Use a cream color base along the apples of the cheek to replicate Meghan’s cheery cheek. If your skin is oily go light. It’s important to oxidization is a process that takes place that will increase the color of a blush or foundation when mixed with (body) heat and oils. Less is more here. Nude lips are Meghan’s signature color. I vacillate  between nude and red. Wander Beauty is my favorite nude as of late.

Skincare on the move: I recommend a cream moisturizer when traveling. We don’t have access to our regular beauty routines. It’s important to keep hydrated and moisturized to maintain this glow! A hydrating mist is a life saver. Flaunt by Lauren Napier is perfect for prep and also removing makeup, Noni fruit, vitamin K will help to refresh skin, treat fine lines, hyperpigmentation and melasma.

Some of the LNB team’s favorite looks: Mamma-Meg baby-bump is gorgeous in taupe, blush and white. Baby also looks good in red! Boy oh boy does she look beguiling in blue. My favorite color, baby got black! I mean, who doesn’t love the chic black and camel paring?

Meghan and Harry always make a night out look like a dream. They were ultra chic in black and white not disguising the belly but dressing it up for a dutiful evening out. Get it guuuurl!

Is Mamma Meghan having a boy or girl? Honestly, I think she is having a multiple birth. I hope the babies come out with red afros and freckles! I also hope for copious joy, health and happiness !


xo LN