Beauty sleep isn’t a myth, it’s a must and not just for your skin but for your sanity. As the owner of a growing business and man can it do a number on your mind, body, soul AND skin! So, I’ve taken to an adult sleep schedule to help mind the madness. I work from home so it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. I wakeup by 5:45am, work out, and am at my desk for 8-9 hours and wrap it up by 6:30pm. Dinner by 7:30pm, next day prep, an hour of wind down and in bed by 10:30pm… unless I am out being fabulous at a gala or dinner soiree of course!

There is a myth that being a workaholic is the only way to success. It’s not. It’s the fastest way tp burnout and depression. Don’t be fooled. You MUST care for yourself first , your business cannot grow successfully without you performing at your best!

Sleep is vital to overall health and can help with mood and productivity. My sleep schedule has improved my life in so many ways. I am more patient, productive and am even more positive. While it’s very important for those around you to be aware of what’s happening on the inside, the first thing they might see is what’s happening on the outside.

That’s where skin comes in! Skin’s appearance is improved when your body is rested. One’s complexion looks even better when you hit the sheets with clean skin.

Simple but effective, these are some of my favorite sleep aids. I add B-Chill Honey Sticks to my hot water and lemon. It’s soothing, hydrating and detoxifies. The Calm sleep app, wow, it’s done wonders for me! I drift off into sleep within minutes. I highly recommend. Of course, hydrating before bed is good for digestion, skin and


I created CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER because I couldn’t sleep with my makeup on but was too tired to get out of bed to go through my full skincare routine. Some days the day gets the best of you. When this happens, reach for your LAUREN NAPIER BEAUTY products, cleanse your skin and drift comfortably off to sleep.

I hope this improves your sleep bliss! It’s helped mine and I am happy to share.

Sleep well …😴🌙✨