I love a natural makeup look, I also live for a well done pop of color. Green eye shadow can be a tricky makeup move. Here’s how you can liven your lids with a touch of color.

Eyeliner is a trick of the trade. Find your favorite emerald, lime, neon or kelly green eyeliner. Apply the liner with an angled brush, sketch the eyeliner from the inner lashline corner out toward the temple. Layer eyeliner for intensity.

If your desire is a brighter more bold lid, apply shadow from the lashline up to the crease. Use a short-haired eye shadow brush to pack your chosen color onto your lid. Gently blend to desired intensity by using a windshield wiper motion

**Pro-tip apply eyes before applying concealer or foundation. The pigment spillage could mix with your perfectly applied foundation and ruin your lewk! Use Flaunt by Lauren Napier to cleanse the under eye before applying your foundation and concealer.

Kendell’s lime cat eye liner is super sexy and Selena’s loaded lids are a mood! I am into it!

Now you know how to apply it, here is how to take it off! If it’s a fast acting makeup remover wipe you seek - I’ve got one for you. FLAUNT by LAUREN NAPIER is packed with aloe, cucumber, noni fruit that removes makeup in a clean sweep - this is the wipe for you!

If you want more liquid NARS makeup remover is also effective. Grab some cotton, give it a shake , and sweep away.

Will you work the emerald eye this spring?