I assume most people have tried it at least once. Having worked at a TV series that is notorious for its late night happenings … well, I won’t deny it. Lifting the stigma that looms in the air when women talk weed, enjoy cannabis or get moody with marijuana is exactly why I wanted to interview my girls at Stigma and Style. The gang of three have created a collection of chic and femmed-out accessories for the times that you want to elevate, levitate, free your mind or just have a peaceful snooze.

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1. There are so many taboos swirling around smoking, what do you want women (over +21 ) to know about the culture?

Stigma & Style was created to remove the stigma there is around the cannabis culture. We are cool girls but are also extremely hard working, come from loving families, have great friend groups and are involved in our communities. We don’t want people to think because you smoke cannabis you have no job and sit on the couch all day. Of course we love Netflix and chillin but that’s not what we are about.

Since the cannabis industry is very much male dominated we wanted to create items for the female cannabis user in mind. We love pink, which is apparent when you follow us on Instagram @stigmaandstyle_ and we just wanted to create cool stuff for the millennial stoner and ourselves.

The great part about the industry is that everyone is welcome here. How many times have you been to a concert and been offered a joint from someone you never met before? That’s how we are at Stigma & Style – we want you to feel welcome even if you don’t smoke. We wanted to create a brand that’s an ode to our favorite plant. You don’t have to be a weed connoisseur to wear our WEED sweatshirt, all you have to do is like it.

2. Was there a defining moment that made you start your business?

Stigma & Style was created out of pure necessity. Every girl wants to wear clothing or use items that are a representation of her. We didn’t see anything in the market that represented us fully so we started thinking “what are we waiting for? Why not make stuff for ourselves!” So we did and all our friends asked where we got it from and the rest is history! 

 3. What was the first step you took to launch Stigma and Style?

 The first step we took to launch Stigma & Style was to secure an LLC and the domain. We wanted to be a legit company so we took the steps to do so. Then we launched our Instagram of course!


4. This seems like an industry dominated by men, how can women break through?

 How do women break through in any industry? Be loud enough that you can be heard and not ignored. 

5. What is your best piece of advice for your fellow Female Founder who might be dabbling in the business? 


We would tell any Female Founder just go for it! There is so much opportunity in the industry all you have to do is take the leap. Study the industry, see where there is a missing niche and dive fully into it with trade shows, industry events, dispensary tours etc. Learn everything you can now!



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