This is the conversation no one wants to have but what everyone is curious about. How do they do it? We openly discuss makeup, skincare so let’s talk about skincare down there! Especially since it’s summer and that skin down there is on full display!

It’s well documented that I spend nearly every day of summer in the sun if at all possible. Any opportunity that I get I will also spend in a swimsuit. So a smooth bikini line is a priority. I have gotten it down to a science and here are my go to bikini-line-beauty tips. Ps. These products also work well if you’re a waxer.

Reveal your most luminous skin with African Botanics lush dual-phase body scrub. The yet effective scrub combines the most powerful antioxidant-rich organic oils with pink Himalayan crystal salt and raw cane sugar to promote luminosity and leave skin silky smooth. $55

LUV SCRUB’s unique texture of the mesh will clean and exfoliate your skin like no other.  Open it up , use with soap or shower gel and massage over body and throughout your bikini line and buns to achieve smooth, soft and bump free skin.   It gets better with every use.  “Scrub yourself sexy.” $18

Fur’s signature product, Fur Oil is safe for your most sensitive areas and won’t stain your silk. Specifically designed for pubic hair and skin, a signature blend of lightweight oils gently softens hair and clears pores for fewer ingrowns and healthier skin. $46

There are countless reasons you'll get a better shave, but let's start with number one. Oui’s single blade is designed to glide gently over your skin for a close, smooth shave. Weighted and balanced to provide just the right amount of pressure, it removes hair from the surface of the skin rather than tugging and pulling as you shave. With less chance of hair getting trapped under the skin, you get a smooth shave and fewer ingrowns. We made this for sensitive skin. For curly girls. For women who need a better alternative to irritated legs and bikini lines. $75

What are your best bikini line tips?